PARAFLIGHT, Paramotor training in Pennsylvania and Virginia
Paramotoring is the funniest form of aviation you'll ever experience.

  Powered Paragliding, Paramotor Training, Maintenance, and Equipment Sales

   Powered Paragliding...Turn a dream into a reality!

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SkyMax Star Frame w/

Moster Plus $6320 + Shipping Price (TBD)

Atom 80 $6140 + Shipping Price (TBD)

ParaJet Maverick Sport Moster Plus $8250

ParaJet Zenith w/ Moster Plus $8295

ParaJet Volution 3 $8395

Propulse Titan

Moster Plus 185 $6600 Plus Shipping

Atom 80 $6300 Plus Shipping

Kangook Paramotors

X-Lite Plus $6600 Plus Shipping

Phoenix Plus Moster Plus 185 $6700 Plus Shipping


No Items.