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Paramotor training, paramotors, paragliders, PA,VA,NC, MD, NJ, NY, DE

My Story

Brian Goff founded ParaFlight, LLC, in 2009, to offer people the experience of powered paragliding/paramotoring. After many years of other flying experience and training, became solidly sold on the advantages of powered paragliding.

He has been involved in all aspects of aviation since he was a kid. He discovered Powered Paragliding 15 years ago and has fallen in love with the sport. Brian has over 4000 hours of paramotoring experience to share with anyone considering the sport. He feels that nothing gives you the sensation of flying quite like powered paragliding.

Brian has taken his aviation background and applied it to Powered Paragliding, offering people training, maintenance, and equipment sales. It's important to him that when people come into this sport that they do things right, and don't jump in over their head.


Paraflight's mission is to provide the safest, most informative flight training possible, while experiencing the thrill of your life!


"I would bet that you have found a million blogs, websites, and videos online about powered paragliding . If you've contacted any other flight schools or equipment dealers, they all told you they're the best, right?

I have been training and selling paramotor equipment for over 15 years, and ask that you first come visit our school and check out all of the equipment. I also recommend that you visit us to chat with seasoned pilots, try on paramotors, demo a few gliders, and let the equipment sell itself.

A good school asks about your interest in the sport, medical conditions, your goals, budget, and finally, your availability to train. At ParaFlight, we pride ourselves on being transparent about all of the details of Powered Paragliding, before you make a purchase or sign up for training.

Does your school cover FAR103, follow a USPPA curriculum, navigation charts, weather patterns, NOTAMS, simulations, and proper maintenance regimens? If not, call us!"


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