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Please contact Brian for an official invoice before ordering. Pricing, shipping, and availability of equipment are subject to change.

          ParaJet Maverick Pro Moster $8367.76           ParaJet Maverick DS Moster $9037.21                ParaJet Maverick XL 2:87 w/Moster $9178.87

    P2Fly Titan $8,500 Delivered                      P2Fly Titan XL $8800 Delivered                 Power2Fly  RS $7,750 Delivered

           Amaruk 140cm MosterPlus 185  $7,099 Delivered                          Amaruk XD 151cm MosterPlus 185 $7400 Delivered

Amaruk Ti.jpg
Amaruk Multi Color.jpg

HSCOM Paramotors & Trike


Condor XS Stainless Moster 185 $6750 Delivered                             Falcon LT Titanium Moster 185 $7150 Delivered

Condor L Plus Tandem Trike Cosmos 300 $14000 Delivered
Assembly Fee $600

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